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The story of
a family
A grappa start-up

The Castagner Distillery is situated in Italy's Veneto region, in a strategic wine-growing area: a modern structure that innovates traditional grappa using highly-technological equipment and systems, making this one of the most pioneering and advanced companies in the entire industry.

The master distiller

“To become a distiller was the most crucial decision of my life. A choice based on pure passion, involving sacrifices and a love for this job, with the ambition of always improving, to enrich the world with new pleasures, making my mark.”

Roberto Castagner

The new generation

The Master Distiller is the fulcrum and kingpin of our company.
The founder is now accompanied by his nephew, Carlo, who shares the same passion for oenology, and his daughters, Giulia and Silvia, who work alongside him to develop the business, sharing his vision and his love for this work.

The territory

Grappa is a spirit made by distilling grape skins. The terroir, the climate and the way the grapes are grown undoubtedly characterise the identity of the grappa, which is different for every region in Italy.
Veneto, in particular, is one of the regions where the art of distilling has developed the most.
The Castagner Distillery is situated on the slopes of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco hills, near to the historical Cerletti Oenology School, where the Master Distiller graduated, followed by his nephew Carlo.

“I’ve added my own story to the wonderful history of grappa”

The Master Distiller

Roberto Castagner