Hai l'età per bere legalmente
bevande alcoliche?
Piero Angela
8 July 2021

Premio Fuoriclasse 2019-2020


A legend of our time, Piero Angela has successfully brought science into the homes of Italians with a simple and immediate language. Known and loved by entire generations, his programme Superquark has united families together in front of the television for a weekly appointment with culture.

Now in its twelfth year, the 2020 Fuoriclasse Award for outstanding personalities was awarded to Piero Angela in recognition of his long and extraordinary career and unique ability to fascinate his listeners, making him loved by Italians of all ages.

An exceptional example for the new generations. 

As is now customary, the event took place among the stills of the Castagner distillery, where 300 guests experienced the emotion of a meeting with Piero Angela, who spoke about himself with generosity and irony during a gala dinner organised by the restaurants L’Alchimia, Celeste, Daniel Canzian and Il Patriarca.