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Anna Fendi
12 November 2013

Premio Fuoriclasse 2013


As the head of the design department, together with her four sisters, Anna Fendi made this family company an Italian fashion empire. Today, there’s a new challenge: “The art of hospitality” is a new concept that covers a range of aspects, from hotels to food and wine.

Anna Fendi is a woman with an extraordinary personality and exceptional charm. A huge talent in her profession, but also in life. She handles people and tasks in a shrewd, profound and direct way.

Anna Fendi is exceptional because she is a special woman who, within her female-led entrepreneurial family and alongside her sisters, has managed to turn her family name into a global luxury brand. There are few people who know how to express human qualities with such great entrepreneurial spirit as her, perfectly combined with a strong character that is maternal at the same time. Now more than ever, her energy, intuition and creativity are a source of inspiration for younger generations, especially for women.

That’s why Anna Fendi was named winner of the 2013 Premio Fuoriclasse Award during the lavish ceremony held on Monday 28th October 2013 in the elegant Roman surroundings of Hotel de RUSSIE.