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Carlo Rubbia
3 May 2012

Premio Fuoriclasse 2012


Born in Gorizia on 31st March 1934, he has led some of the most prestigious research institutions such as CERN and ENEA, culminating in 1984 when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics. His research is mainly focused on the experimental study of the weak interactions between elementary particles.

The Premio Fuoriclasse Award ceremony was held at the same time as the 2012 Vinitaly exhibition. This award is dedicated to those who stand out for their work, characterised by innovation, and who manage to push goals and expectations further forward.

With Prof. Carlo Rubbia, the award celebrates another superb personality. A life dedicated to the world of research and innovation to the benefit of science and, therefore, to mankind. His insight and discoveries moved the entire world of science forward, creating foreseeable possibilities for new technologies and new industries.

One of the world’s best scientists, a physician with an extraordinary mind as well as being extremely kind and passionate. The whole world, but especially us Italians, take great pride in his intelligence and his work.

The judges decided to dedicate the 2012  Premio Fuoriclasse Award to him and his talent.