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Alberto Bauli
16 December 2010

Premio Fuoriclasse 2010


Born in Verona, he is President of Bauli S.p.A. He joined the family business back in 1960, where he specifically worked in the administration and sales departments, turning this confectionery company from Verona into a market leader.

In 2010, the Premio Fuoriclasse Award judges wanted to recognise his status as a champion of Italian entrepreneurship – someone who knew how to make himself stand out as the No. 1 player among lots of other great personalities.

Alberto Bauli was named winner of the 2010 Premio Fuoriclasse Award – a great entrepreneur, at the reins of an important company operating in an industry that is often dominated by multi-nationals. In his case, not only did he know how to survive in a tough global market, but he actually managed to expand the business to such an extent that he was able to buy some of the most famous food brands such as: Alemagna, Motta and Doria, thereby becoming an unbeatable player in the world of confectionery.

As well as being an example for Italian entrepreneurship, Alberto Bauli is also a man with incredible spirit and elegant simplicity, a real champion, not just for his work but, above all, for his moral qualities, for the great care he takes over his relations with people and for his knowledge of how to do good for so many people without shouting it from the rooftops.